studio millspace
studio millspace

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Whitestone Gallery Taipei


Kengo Kuma and Associates


Taipei, Tawian

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This gallery with a wooden façade and interior is “inserted” into the ground floor of an office building in Taipei. The base material is a cypress board with a section size of 105mm. By stacking and gradually shifting the pieces, we were able to produce an organic and humane space in the city, which appears to be independent from the rigid framing of the building. 

The layering of the cypress pieces continues inside as well, forming a staircase and screen between the counters. 

This is an example of generating a complex and multi-faceted room using a single module. With the powerful work of contemporary art exhibited inside including that of GUTAI, the gallery explores a new potential of an art space which can grow out of conventional white cubic buildings.

(Text from KKAA official website)