Established in 2016, Studio Millspace approaches the practice of photography as an exploration between art and architecture.  Architecture is seen as a collection of accumulated spatial experiences, building together a series of images, generating a version of the spatial narrative composed through the perspective of the photographer.

Based in Taiwan, Studio Millspace has collaborated with many architectural practices, artists, design practices, locally and internationally, documenting projects from editorial commission, exhibition design, landscape architecture, construction documentations, residential architecture to public architecture buildings.  In addition to the descriptive nature of architecture in photography, our approach intends to focus on also capturing the quietness of the project, and pulling out the different experiences that exist within each architectural space, seeing architecture as a creative work translated into photographs.

In addition to the architecture photography practice, Studio Millspace is also currently working on a photographic project, Borderline, a project began in 2020, examining the coastal sites of Western Taiwan through photographs, video works, and installation.  This ongoing project was exhibited in KSpace at the Kaoshiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2022.